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見てる人は見てくれている。There are always people who see you with discerning eyes correctly.

※English is after Japanese. この前の中国ツアー最終日追加公演の記事。5日前に決まったにも関わらず300人以上来てくれました。嬉しい事にサウンドチェック中の事までよく見てくれていて嬉しいです→ 《谷本さんは音質に対しての要求が非常に高く、公演当日午後からサウンドチェックを初めて開場直前の夜までずっと夕食も取らずにやっていました。この高音質を求める姿に本当に感心させられました。しかしこのようなこだわりがなければ、皆にあのような究極に素晴らしい音を届けることは出来ないのだ》 ある一人の中国人の方が『やっぱり日本人は真面目ですね』と言ってくれたのがとても嬉しかったです(>人<;) 谷本、中国でいつも日本人一人アウェイの中奮闘しております!日本での演奏仕事もガンガンお待ちしております(´◕ฺω◕ฺ`)

These are the articles of additional performance of China tour in August. Although it was decided five days before, there were more than 300 audience came to see it. I was so glad that they were interested in how I check the sound, and watched me carefully during the sound check before performance. The article says, "Mr. Tanimoto's demand of the sound quality is very high. He started the sound check in the afternoon, and finished it just before the performance in the evening without having dinner. His attitude to pursue high-quality sound made me deeply impressed. Without such particular attitude,it's not possible to send such ultimate great sounds to everyone." I was very happy that A Chinese told me, "Japanese are earnest as it's said." I am always striving in the circumstance in China that's I'm only Japanese.

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